Getting Started

By following the below tips you can put yourself in a strong and confident position when selling your home. For more information on how to sell your property or to talk to our experts about how we can help, please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

Getting legally prepared

Getting legally prepared to sell once a buyer has been found, it is important that your solicitor can present all the documentation to the buyer’s solicitors quickly for review. To ensure your solicitor can do this they need to have good notice of your intention to sell. We strongly recommend that they are instructed when we are asked to market the property. This is especially true if your property has not been sold for many years and the title to it is not registered at the Land Registry or if you have a leasehold property where management enquiries may take some time or bring out complex information. We have a panel of solicitors who we have worked with for many years and with who we have agreed service standards. We know they are proactive and we work well together to get our clients transactions smoothly through to completion. We will be pleased to introduce you to them.

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Most buyers are like a blank canvas and have difficulty in seeing the wood through the trees. Take the opportunity to tidy up and de-clutter to a show home standard of presentation. Removing excess furniture and having a spring clean makes buying decisions go further into the property than the hallway. Make sure your home has kerb appeal and the first impressions when you open the front door are good ones.

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Setting your asking price

What is your property worth? It is always sensible to get more than one opinion when selling your property, and do not fall into the trap of simply choosing your estate agent because they gave you the highest valuation. Make sure they back their valuations up with reliable evidence and market comparables. Make sure your target market is reached by agreeing with us your property’s unique selling points so that its target market can be accessed.

Just like all the others in the road? Not to worry, you can make it the best presented home which should attract a premium from discerning buyers. We will provide you with comparison information on properties that have sold which will help you decide on a suitable asking price given the timeframes in which you need to sell.

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Your agent

Try to use to an agent who has a good track record of selling property like your own, and preferably one that has been recommended to you. Make sure that you understand exactly how they will market your property and don't hesitate to move on if they don't deliver.

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Agents' fees

Do not fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest or the most expensive estate agency. Your choice should be governed by your own objectives and the confidence you have in the agent being able to achieve them, not by what you pay them.

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Your purchase

Have a clear idea about the sort of property that you want and where your priorities lie, and check that they can be met within the budget available. Once you begin your property search in earnest, try to meet the estate agents you are looking through in person - they are much more likely to be able to help you.

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